The Arch

Written by Nathan Viney


Freud's views on the case:

And there was me thinking that the case was going to be a boring animal catching task. Until I was the case! Can easily say my least favourite case, was very scared even though i knew i was innocent. Am very thankful to Michael for saving me with his invesitgation skills. I knew he had them somewhere! It is a shame that Victor Curious was so desperate for work he aimed to frame me. Glad it's all over, didn't like being in the cells. Smelled like Whiskey.

Michael's views on the case:

Over-worked i am. Freud can be a bother and really annoying with all his brains. But when a good friend.. like Freud gets in trouble, meh, why not help him? Ok so i'd miss that guy. I never had doubt you know. I think that is clear to see with this case. I never stopped 'knowing' Freud was innocent. And i was right. And i met a girl on the way, but i think she hates me after i got her Dad locked up. Not a big fan of Simon Seds, he just wants The Two Detectives to burn away. Well Simon, i got news for you, you'll be in hell way sooner than us mate! (Not a threat.. just.. trying to insult but.. yeah anyway..)