River of Riddles

Written by Matthew Menhenick

Freud's views on the case:

A case i'd care to forget, I do not like the idea of not being in control of my own body! This case was dealt as multiple suicides by the police but me and Michael wanted to find out the motives. I was horrified and a little excited to find that the rare chemical Yasstin had a part to play in this. A sad case indeed, where all those deaths could have been avoided. I just thank Michael for pulling me back when he did. It seems I owe him a Buttercream Cake.

Michael's views on the case:

To be honest at the beginning i really did think they all wanted to go swimming. It was such a hot day i just wanted to jump in the river too. Turns out it was this drug called Asstin. I was not scared when Freud tried to jump off the bridge, i just did not want to become a witness to murder... right? Well maybe i did care a bit. Glad he is still with us....