The Man Upstairs

Written by Nathan Viney

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Freud's views on the case:

Ah, i remember this case, the killer was quite a smart fellow indeed. However a simple case of needing a Mobile signal was his downfall. This case was one of the more frightening cases I had worked on, perhaps because I allowed myself to follow Michael into the house without a search warrant. Plus putting our fingerprints all over the crime scene was not the wisest of actions we could have taken. We didn't perform the most professionally on this case, however we got results.

Michael's views on the case:

This bloke was a right nutter. I was never scared though, in the dark.. i mean.. there was not even a knife against my back. Actually i was joking the whole time, i knew what was going on. Just trying to freak out Freud. I think it worked. This nutter was a killer and he liked playing games, he won't want to play any more games if he ever gets out of jail i assure you.

That was good cake.