Drowned Passion

Written by Matthew Menhenick


Freud's views on the case:

My, my another sad case to deal with. This was a very sobering case not only with the deaths involved which were grim. But the affair that sparked this off is both frustrating and sad to think of. I do hope the affair was a true love occasion and was worth dying for. This is a tragedy of a case but tt would indeed be a greater shame if they were murdered over nothing more than a thoughtless act of passion. Actions have consequences.

Michael's views on the case:

My least favourite case. Can you get any worse than two victims drowning? It is sad sad sad. I miss the good old days when the bad guys were just people who stole drinks from shops. Well i guess i've gone up a few ranks since then. Still miss those days. What an amazing quarry though. Tragic ending. I hate murderers, i do.. but i don't know. Taking your own life like these last two cases. It is not nice.